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too good to not be true
September 19, 2007, 1:21 pm
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I’m not sure about this, but Korean Minkus’ last name might be Ham. It could just be the result of incompetence with the Roman alphabet, but you have NO IDEA how badly I want this to be true.

Also: I’m pretty sure that I’ve found my sport, and it’s yoga. I had my first class today, in a little studio over by City Hall, and I can’t remember the last time I had such an endorphin rush. And I didn’t even have to run. I did have to spend a bit of time convincing my teacher that despite my outward appearance, I wasn’t about to die, because, you know, Koreans don’t sweat. She kept running over with paper towels and whispering, “Okay? Okay?” Once we had established that I was okay, she would push my leg or my back or my arm or whatever until I started whimpering. Good deal. But I feel really good, and this comes from someone who never thought that anything would supplant her twin favorite sports of debate and academic team.

Tomorrow I start volunteering at this after-school program/free hagwon sort of thing. Ironically enough, my host teacher tells me it’s run by the Salvation Army, the group responsible for my departure from the ASP I ran in college. But I couldn’t really tell when I visited today, and besides, I’m not running it…although I am apparently teaching English classes to elementary school students. I sort of just thought I was tutoring, but no. So I guess we’re singing the alphabet song tomorrow. I’ll let you know how it goes.

I’ll leave you with a dialogue from class 1J, and this kid I’ll call Malcolm X due to his Malcolm X-style glasses. Class 1J is my absolute favorite class, even though they are horrifically obnoxious and around 75% of them were late today. (That means that 75% of them danced to Prince.) By the way: it turns out that fully half of my Pop Song boys are in 1J, so the affection must be reciprocated. And Hyuk totally belongs in “The Sandlot.”

IGR Who can read today’s date?

MALCOLM X I can! Teacher!

IGR I am going to call on someone who is quiet.

MALCOLM X Teacher! Teacher!

IGR I pick…(Picks someone who is not Hyuk, obviously.)

MALCOLM X Oh my God. Why? WHY?


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maybe the dancing is a punishment, not so much. you might be encouraging them to be late.

Comment by mom

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