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making banana pancakes*
September 21, 2007, 4:06 pm
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I seriously don’t want to get out of my chair. That’s how tired I am. It doesn’t make sense, because an hour ago I was trying to persuade everyone to go out, and now I’m sitting here reading articles on Wikipedia with titles like “Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe” and I’m actually too lazy to move, although not to type, evidently.

Tonight was as good a night as any for a Pancake Party**, which sounds like a euphemism of some sort, but actually refers to a party where you eat pancakes. If you party like we do, which is to say like rock stars, a pancake party can also be a pancakes and guacamole and salsa party, after which everybody will be too full to do anything but wash dishes and play “Starcraft” with my host brother. Like I said, rock stars. We were celebrating the arrival of maple syrup and cumin from the New World, aka my mother, so we were basically like pilgrims, you know.

Future Mexican food/breakfast endeavors, however, probably will not include avocados so underripe that it is difficult to cut them open, or the decision to cook the avocados in a pan, with some milk. Just saying. I don’t know what our guacamole tasted like, except for “not guacamole.” But it was pretty good, honestly.

*I hate Jack Johnson, but I like breakfast

**This actually belongs in my food blog, but due to picture uploading difficulties, that blog is on temporary hiatus.


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You played Starcraft with a Korean teenager? You are braver than any ten geeks I know.

I got your postcard! I am writing you back!

Comment by Brendan

I didn’t play Starcraft. one of my friends did. but I encouraged it!

I look forward to the postcard.

Comment by mshillary

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