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October 1, 2007, 4:50 pm
Filed under: Apple, music

I am happily offering this post late at night from the comfort of my bed, thanks to the arrival of my new MacBook. Oh it is so pretty.

Yes, I am one of those people now. I understand the ideological objections to Macs – they try to style themselves as this sort of anti-corporation, but if you have an Apple, everything is going to come from them. As my mother points out, my father’s refusal to accept the Apple corporation, despite how smoothly and beautifully my new computer runs, stems from a deep-seated desire to Not Sell Out To The Man. However, I have given up caring, etc.

I’m not entirely sure how to work everything yet. But I am quite happy with it. Today I also rode over that AWFUL road over the island, to Seogwipo to practice for this play I’m doing for the English festival, and I listened to “Captain Badass” by Songs:Ohia and remembered how good it feels to feel sad sometimes.

More later. I am up too late.


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Oh, yes. Welcome to the rabid Mac hordes. But of course, if you have Mac-y questions, let me know. AT least I can feel useful to *somebody* other than car thieves. Also, I lust after the new ipod Nanos…particularly since my other ipods were stolen. Rock on me…or not. I am rock-less.

Comment by Norbert

Oh yeah. Make your font bigger por favor.

Comment by Norbert


My MacBook Pro says hi, and that you shouldn’t neglect your dashboard!


Comment by Laura J

so the one good thing about being computer-less is that you probably went to bed earlier. maybe. (were you really writing this at 5am? shame.)

well anyway, wilson and anne will be so proud. and/or smug.

Comment by Marie

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