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I’m pretty sure my kids have a future in the tourism industry

Today: more travel poster making. Some of the taglines:

“About India”

“Strange Egypt”

“Surprise Egypt”

“[Egypt] is very mistery. How nice!!”

What can I say. Nothing that would make it any funnier, for sure.

I have a few hours’ break in between classes, so I’m at home now to change into warmer clothes/lesson plan/(nap). Fortunately, I set up Aurora on my computer, so now I have an iTunes alarm clock. My computer is so damn cool. I did need a break though. Even when my students are better, as they were today (and by “better,” I mean “not beasts”), teaching the low-level classes always sets me on edge, because I know I’ll have to deal with the other teachers as well – teachers who are mostly kind, but many of whom seem to have given in to – don’t hate – this culture of low expectations. Yes, I know tossing around conservative buzzwords like that isn’t going to earn me any brownie points on the island (especially considering that I – I! – am probably the second-most conservative person here, after the immortal Quagmire). And it sounds strange to say that about a country like Korea, where rank is emphasized above all. But most of my low-level second (eighth) graders seem to have actually regressed. And sometimes I feel like the teachers have given up on them – “oh,” they say, “maybe he does not speak the English well, so maybe we give something easier.” So? That’s why I’m here. So help me by at least translating my instructions, making him – or her – do what they’re supposed to. It doesn’t matter if it takes longer. I’ve got time to teach them. That is, after all, what I’m here to do. Teaching doesn’t get easier with the fact that due to scheduling changes, half the time I don’t see classes for weeks and weeks. I had a class of eighth grade boys today and I think I have seen them once before. Maybe twice. How am I supposed to teach them anything?


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I hear you on everything!!! But I have no suggestions/solutions. We’ll need to discuss later.

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