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in the realm of the library king
October 9, 2007, 3:05 pm
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In case you were wondering what a Stone Club meeting is like, it’s old Korean dudes sitting around drinking soju and arguing about rocks. Unless you’re wondering about tonight’s meeting, which was old Korean dudes and me, just sort of sitting there, admiring the slenderness of the cigarettes these men were going through. We’re talking fifties-starlet, smoking-was-cool slender. And some pretty old ajushi. I met: a former English teacher, a man Apa introduced me to as “jjimjilbang captain,” and one who introduced himself to me as “the library king.” He was wearing a mauve shirt. Apa went to great pains to assure me that these were not his friends, they were old men, which I did not quite understand until I got there and saw that he actually was the youngest (at 45) by a good ten years. I’m pretty sure he’s the lowest in seniority. They kept making him collect money and write things down.

I’m not entirely sure why my presence was requested tonight; they thought it was cute that I tried to speak Korean, and they kept foisting fried meat and naengmyun on me, but really, that could have been any meal with anybody. Maybe they wanted to meet the foreigner? Or maybe Apa thought it would be a good cultural experience, or that I would learn something about rocks? (I didn’t. The only word I could understand, throughout the lengthy debate, was 중국, and all that means is “China.”) One of them, inexplicably, told me that I looked like I had been to Hawai’i. After we left, I told Apa that they were very nice, and he looked at me and said, in English, “Why?”

The stone exhibition is in a few weeks, and will presumably feature rocks that look like things, since that’s what Apa has been collecting for the past fourteen years.


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God, rocks that look like things…that makes me laugh!

Comment by Laura J

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