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I’m just going to keep blogging until my day hits bottom
October 10, 2007, 4:46 am
Filed under: skool, students, teaching, the authorities

I gave my first ever Noise-O-Meter 5 to a class of low-level second-grade boys today. The co-teacher – I’ll call him Short Jeong, to distinguish him from another teacher, whom I’ll call Tall Jeong – refuses to discipline them. He will not enforce the punishments I give them. He says that they are low level so the lessons I give them are “too boring” and too difficult – never mind the fact that a) another teacher has already told me that the lesson is good, b) the lesson involves a hands-on experiment AND a game, c) I only tried to teach them six words, d) they’ll never know if it’s interesting or boring if they don’t stop talking, and e) guess what: not everything they need to learn is going to be fascinating. For the record, we were working on city vs. town vs. village. For the record, I don’t speak Korean, and it would be helpful to not have to do this alone. So now I am sitting here in my classroom eating a Canadian candy bar called Mr. Big. It’s not very good.

I have two of my favorite classes this afternoon. Don’t break my heart, 1J. Please.


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