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A. Today PCT criticized me, in front of the class, because this student who already had a ticket* was upset because I wouldn’t call on him, because, you know, he already had a ticket.

  1. Other teachers have asked me to not call on students who volunteer all the time, so everyone gets a chance
  2. The students will not take me v. seriously if they see me getting called out by another teacher
  3. Given the emphasis on “face” and the saving thereof in Korea, I can’t help but suspect that she maybe did it on purpose

B. I locked my classroom and closed the windows when I went to lunch, only to come back and find out that my students know how to jimmy the lock and BREAK IN. One of them left me an empty Popsicle wrapper accompanied by the legend “Here is my gift. Hillary <3”

  1. At least it was in correct English?

C. I’m pretty sure that my vice-principal was making fun of my walk today.

At least the weather is still beautiful and I have yoga tonight. Then pizza, because Oma got a raise. I’m really sick of Korean pizza.


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I’m really sorry your teacher criticized you in front of the class. That sucks.

And it’s probably small consolation, but I love reading your blog–I’ve been meaning to mention it, so now’s the time, I guess. Today I was trying to compile a list of all the funny things my students have said, but I realized it would pale in comparison to yours. That probably doesn’t make you feel any better, but um… well, yeah, I think you’re brave, and I hope the good parts of your job outweigh the criticism-in-front-of-the-class parts.

Comment by Rachel

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