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업서요/quelqu’un m’a dit
October 18, 2007, 3:26 pm
Filed under: actual transcripts, crushes, life on Jeju

Heads up:  I’ll be in A City for A Conference with the Program for the next few days; I’m bringing my laptop so that Oregon (formerly E) can get some music and so that I can maybe connect to the Internet, depending, even though some time away from a computer would probably be a good thing. Point being that I might be MIA for a few days, not that anyone checks this every day anyway, but if you do: a) I won’t be here and b) really?

I should have mentioned in my post re: the hood rats who are my students the other day that I was spontaneously serenaded the other day by four students who were late to class. They were in 1J, of course. I do have other classes, really, and many of them are colorful and smart and funny, but it is gratifying to know that this class feels the same way about me as I do about them. And I think they do, and I think that’s why, when I made them apologize for being late, they broke out into this FT Island song, the chorus of which is “I’m sorry but I love you.” Then this kid with pink glasses and weird fifties hair came up, got on one knee, and said, “(IGR). 사랑헤요.”  Which means “I love you.”

The wind has started back on Jeju-do, and I am very happy to be able to wear long-sleeved things and not be gross and sweaty.


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