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October 26, 2007, 11:31 am
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I don’t know if there are words in English to describe how badly I want candy corn right now. Korea isn’t much for candy eating – they do, but for dessert here I mostly eat yogurt and fruit, which is fine, except for the times when I am craving the sweet salty caramelly sugary chewy crunchiness of candy corn OMGZ. I had one piece – at the conference, one of the girls had some that her mom sent her – and I almost died.

Speaking of food, I’m going to revive the food blog now that I’ve got a steady computer setup. But every day I’ve gotten home at eleven, which is why tonight I am hanging out with HM and HS, except that I have to take a nap because we’re going to the movies and otherwise I’ll fall asleep. I am the biggest loser.

ETA: In an earlier post I mentioned that I didn’t like my student body president because I saw him making fun of the special ed kids. Actually, it turns out that he IS special ed. WHERE AM I?


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just so i know, are you more a fan of the classic candy corn, or of the pumpkin variety? or assorted?

Comment by Marie

Just caught up with your adventures. Enjoy the blog immensely. As a fellow American living abroad– I share your intense craving for candy corn.

Comment by Cori

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