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dear eye, stop twitching
November 4, 2007, 3:26 pm
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Oma is doing some sort of wardrobe inventory, and she keeps trying to give me these clothes that a) are really not attractive and b) smell like mothballs. I don’t know how to turn her down, so now I have a big pile of mothball-smelling clothes on my bed, waiting for me to hide them in my closet. But I put my foot down re: the sleeveless Mickey hoodie. One does have to have standards.

If you are not aware, I am writing for an American publication on the subject of the 2008 election, and as I worked on my first story tonight, I realized that, regardless of how busy I am, I have to dig my head out of the sand. This is not a monumental or particularly profound epiphany; most of my peers here, I would venture, have at least some semblance of a favorite candidate, one political ideology with which they more or less identify, and I simply don’t – I’ve always been too focused on making myself a functional citizen/afraid of picking the “wrong” side to be an alert denizen of the American political scene. This is not helped, of course, by the fact that I have serious issues with both parties, that I was raised with a basically conservative outlook on life but possess some serious “liberal” views. Anyway. The point is that this entry is mostly for me – mostly to assert my reentry into the cognizant world, to establish that I am finally okay enough to care about something other than what immediately surrounds me.

I went to Mass today in Jungangro, one of the districts in SinJeju (and Oma’s old stomping grounds), at the English-language service the cathedral here holds. It was good.


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i would have jumped on the mickey hoodie.

also, no favorite candidate here either. not even sure if i’m going to vote or not…

Comment by Marie

“In every case of party lines, reality is seen through a lens, and the lens distorts.”
–Margaret Atwood

Keep cold, young orchard.

Comment by Brendan

WHAT is the deal with camphor in the country? UGH

Comment by Laura J

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