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There is a single 모기 (mosquito) who, despite ample opportunities to escape, has been flying around my room for the past few nights, biting me when I’m asleep. Essentially, this mosquito’s entire diet, at this point, consists of my blood. I can’t handle that much commitment. Also, these bites itch. I forget about it until it flies by my ear, its whine causing my blood to slowly boil. </haterade>

Recaps: I FINALLY got 1K to behave, totally by accident. This kid was making fun of the way I talk to the class – and I do hate slowing my speech down, even though it is rather necessary – so, in a fit of pique, I taught them at approximately 80% of the speed I speak to my friends. Which, to put it in layman’s terms, is around 110% the speed of the average American speaker. They listened. The whole time. They weren’t exactly angels, but they did pay more attention than they have for weeks. Maybe they’re really smart and were just bored? I guess stranger things have happened.

Also, I’d like to deliver a short ode to HBBFF, or Host Brother’s BFF, who showed up at our door yesterday around 45 seconds after my family called him to invite him over for ddeokbokki. HB and HBBFF have a sort of Pinky-and-the-Brain-esque relationship, wherein HB is the Brain and HBBFF is the hapless Pinky. For example:

IGR: HB, would you like to play a game?

HB: I will kill you.

IGR: Right. HBBFF, do YOU want to play?

HBBFF: Of course!

HB: Shut up, no you don’t.

HBBFF seems to like a few things, like me, and HB, and computers, and eating. I.e., he is the sort of person to whom one can offer food and have him show up 45 seconds later.

Tomorrow: Seoul for a number of exciting things, including an interview for an internship and dinner with my Korean teachers from The Program. Today I skipped out on the afterschool program – I have GOT to organize my time better on Thursdays, because as it stands I have five classes and RIGHT after the last one I have to head down to City Hall or I’ll be late, even though I’m exhausted. In retrospect, Thursday wasn’t the best day for me to volunteer, but it’s too late now. I wasn’t feeling well and I was running late and, unsurprisingly, I found myself trying to rid myself of a headache, lying in bed and watching “The Office.” (Side note: I ❤ Creed.) 


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Every time you quote Semisonic I live a little inside.

Comment by Brendan

I hate slowing my speech down too. Although I do know how much it helps me when people speak French slowly, and I try to keep that in mind… but still, the whole thing makes me feel dumb. When I speak slowly, I feel like I am speaking in an inauthentic way, which is the opposite of my job description. If these people want inauthentic, they have tons of cassette tapes of British people talking in slo-mo, with exaggerated intonation. (Hello, my NAME is BRIAN. I LOVE my JOB!!!!!!!!!!!11) They don’t need me. Sadly, the only person who understands when I talk at my normal speed is Joe.

Glad to know you have students who are interested in hearing you speak quickly. Maybe they like a challenge, who knows.

Comment by Rachel

dwight is my personal fave. although here’s a gem:

(with regards to breast implants)

creed: au naturale, baby, that’s how i like ’em. swing low, sweet chariots.

Comment by Marie

Mogi suck. My remedy was earplugs and a handy notebook to swat them with.

Speed up that speech, miss H!

Comment by Laura J

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