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November 27, 2007, 4:12 pm
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Today’s featured thing is idealist, probably because it is my last best hope for job finding. Idealist also sponsored the COOL Conference where one of my former roommates and I presented, back in 2005, and they treated us well. I support.

Also, I just realized that what I am doing is essentially a personalized version of McSweeney’s Recommends (although nowhere near as funny and interesting), so now I will be referring to this as IGR Recommends. See tag changes, etc. (Also, I am obviously recommending McSweeney’s Recommends, too.)

The Joni Mitchell link is working now. I still haven’t put up the fixed lesson plan links, sorry. Today I went to a TESL conference that was well-intentioned but really, really boring – not that teaching itself isn’t an interesting thing to discuss, but, well, this was really dull. During one lecture I started writing a letter to my friend Captain Badass at home (give me a shout if you read this still, CB) and during two others I fell asleep.

The workshop proved worth it, however, in that I got quality time with Mrs. Yoo, who teaches all my first grade girls’ classes and who is generally really interesting and sweet. She filled me in on a lot of my students’ backgrounds and performance in other classes, which turned out to be really enlightening and possibly useful; 1A, for instance, is the lowest-performing first grade girls’ class, which I would never have guessed based on their work with me. Also, apparently my best Pop-Song girl will not be able to sing in a concert, should we have one, because she will be having surgery for – and I am not making this up – a brain tumor. GOOD GOD. I would like something good to happen to one of my students, once.

When bad news is delivered in a second language it seems to be divested of its weight; when I was in Cambodia with My College, for instance, one of my most distinct memories is of our tour guides:

TOUR GUIDE Here in the countryside there are many temples. Over there you can see (insert temple), which was built by (insert Khmer king). Next to that is the field where my brother was shot by the Khmer Rouge, and over there you can see a gate to another temple. Soon we will have lunch…


Exchanges like that, you should understand, were pretty much par for the course. We had two tour guides like that, and they said stuff like that ALL THE TIME, always without any evident sense of irony. There’s a lot of that here too, and I don’t know if we just have a dramatic culture in America or if something is being lost.

As a result of the workshop I skipped pottery and therefore should have gotten a lot more done than I have. Here’s a brief list in order to make myself feel better:

– sort of figured out budget software

– wrote rec letter for former professor

– half-finished tomorrow’s lesson

What have I been doing?


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Well done, IGR. I spent last night pimping my MacBook (Quicksilver, Adium, MacTheRipper…you all rock) and not doing what I should have been doing (planning next week’s lesson).

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