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November 28, 2007, 7:24 am
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2M (boys) – movie reviews intro

  • would not shut up for PowerPoint
  • mostly did worksheet
  • “Ice Age” clip held attention pretty well
  • need to find more high-level kids than just that kid in the front

2J (boys) – movie reviews intro

  • beasts
  • Short Jeong almost redeemed himself in class, but then afterwards told me that a) watching a movie would be “more fun” and b) my movie of choice (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) would not go over well because the students have seen it too often
  • okay well first I have to teach them some ENGLISH instead of just babysitting them, also other teachers will yell at me if I only show movies
  • also, it’s not like I have a pile of American movies that work in Korean DVD players just sitting around
  • ALSO, one might think that having seen it once, they could write a better review, and I certainly saw movies I’d seen before in school*
  • kept sassing me, telling me to “sit down” and asking me why when I told them to do stuff
  • apparently one of the kids has the nickname “Togo” because – you guessed it – he has dark skin

*I usually read or drew or slept. Seeing as how I understand most of the sloth and delinquency of my students from experience, I’m not sure that I’m the best candidate to discipline them without hypocrisy.

1J (boys) – personal ads intro

  • horrid AGAIN – maybe because Tall Jeong keeps leaving in the middle of class? Keeping a co-teacher around would probably help
  • my head hurts and my patience is wearing thin
  • is the kid in the back with the freckles new?

1K (boys) – personal ads intro

  • would have been worse had co-teacher not been there – as it was, relatively time efficient
  • have to figure out how to keep them from screaming “fuck you” and blaming it on other students
  • my head really, really hurts

Today in IGR Recommends: the New York Times Dining&Wine Section, specifically this review, mostly because it refers to an eel terrine as tasting “like cat food splashed with Yoo-Hoo.” There’s also an interesting article about redefining soul food, a concept that makes enough sense that I wonder why I’ve never contemplated it further – how likely is it, after all, that the few dishes we’ve come to know define an entire demographic? As is well known, I am a loyal NYT food section reader, but I found those pieces especially notable.

IGR does NOT recommend: the “cocoa pastries” from Paris Baguette, whose filling tastes like cheap pudding.

IGR recommends with reservations: strawberry chewy candy – it is not as bad as I thought, but still nowhere near as transcendent (yes, that’s what I said) as the apple and melon versions. Note: this has not stopped me from eating almost the whole pack.


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