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don’t even act like you’re tired of personal ads
December 3, 2007, 12:59 pm
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More titles:

  • “YOU MUST LOVE ME” (in smaller caps: “LOVE ME LOVE ME”)
    • student offers hobbies: “I like talk play and love”
  • “This is A Lonely Girl”
    • “I’m not as beautiful as Kim Tae Hee, Lee Na Young, Kong Hyo Jin and Song Hyea Kyo, and so on, but I can love a only (sic) boy.”
  • “I am beautiful and rich”

1C (girls) – personal ads, part 2

  • like pulling teeth…no one wants to participate first thing Monday morning
  • except for The Cutest Student Ever
  • whose hobbies include “imagine”

1A (girls) – fun and funny

  • ril confused by noun/adjective thing
  • simpler translation for “fun”: “a good time” (Konglish – slogan for KTF phone co)
  • started off strong (personal ad reading) but then degenerated into noise
  • ran out of time with board races
  • no quiz/WotD: “hilarious”

1D (girls) – fun vs. funny

  • again, liked personal ad reading
  • unusually noisy – maybe because I had headache?
  • WotD: “hilarious”
  • get new work for Canada

2C (girls) – movie reviews, part 1

  • AWESOME – best behaved EVER
  • that awful girl with the dyed perm was participating like it was her job
  • why do they love “Ice Age” so much?

Teaching was fine today except for the part where I went to unlock my classroom, having finally convinced the other teachers that it is ridiculous for my classroom to keep getting trashed, only to find that someone had spit all over the floor outside my door, presumably out of frustration from being locked out and unable to vandalize. Little circles of froth waiting for me. What, what, WHAT am I going to do with these sweet and tender hooligans of mine?


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