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Tuesday, 12/4; the presense of nonsense
December 4, 2007, 9:08 am
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1B (girls) – personal ads, part 2

  • total angels today and QUIET
  • but I have to stop the girls in the front from answering all the questions

2G (boys) – movie reviews, part 1

  • didn’t finish lesson bc too noisy
  • i.e. dreadful

1I (boys) – fun vs. funny

  • went pretty well, they seemed to get it
  • except for the part where one of my students blatantly groped me

PCT has this almost magical ability to quell even the rowdiest of eighth grade boys’ classes. I don’t know how she does it. I think she might actually be a witch.

We had a nice bonding moment today, PCT and I, over how awful eighth grade boys can be. She also gave them a long lecture on my behalf, the gist of which, as far as I could tell, was something like “We bring you Americans and this is how you repay us?” with a little bit of “Do you not want to learn about movies? Would you rather do more grammar, shitheads?”  There was also liberal use of the word for “trash,” although I’m not entirely sure in what context. Then she made me some tangerine tea for my cold.

Of course, now there’s the slight matter of having to deal with the threat of sexual harassment. Something like this happened two weeks ago with 1K, but I wasn’t sure if it was accidental or not. This was absolutely, unquestionably not an accident. NOT COOL. Harping on about how my body is not a piece of property would seem redundant at this point, except that my students clearly haven’t learned anything about respecting women. Aside from the fact that I am a TEACHER, an adult, and the fact that they even think they could get away with this with a figure of authority leaves me flabbergasted, this sort of treatment of anyone – teacher or not – is totally unacceptable. We kept the student (with whom I’ve had no prior problems, btw) afterwards and both the co-teacher – I’ll call him First Grade CT 1 – bitched him out. But I’m not entirely sure that they understand that in an American school, that’s grounds for, I don’t know, suspension. The whole thing says volumes about the way some of my male students see me. And I don’t want to overgeneralize; there are boy students I adore, and there are girl students I want to drop-kick. But I’m starting to sense a pattern of disrespect among some of the boys that’s making me question if I should even be at this school, if I should even be teaching them.

And, of course, I was talking to the aformentioned FGCT1 and asking him about this kid I have in 1I, KES. (I know. My pseudonym usage is dreadfully inconsistent.) KES refuses to even do work most of the time, and when he turns anything in it’s invariably gibberish –  randomly chosen English letters. This is not a kid who is distracted by his friends, and he doesn’t even seem that popular. I suspect that he understands more than what he lets on and chooses to be difficult, for whatever reason. Or I suspected, I should say. According to FGCT1, this kid is one of the poorest of our many, many poor students, and he doesn’t even know the alphabet. I’m not sure if I buy the last part – there are clearly a few letters he knows, i.e. the ones that replace real words on his worksheets – but I do suspect that he’s more than a little lost in the language, and is reacting in frustration. I’m not surprised by any of this anymore.

I make my school sound like a war zone on here, but it’s really not; yes, it seems like something ludicrous happens on a close to daily basis, but there are still moments of such clarity and reward…Mi Yeon and Eun Jeong didn’t finish their worksheets today, but they did participate. On her personal ad, Eun Jeong described herself as “not smart” (which is not a good description for a personal ad anyway, but whatever) and I told her she was, and her face for serious lit up. When I got her paper back, she had crossed the word “not” out.

Today IGR Recommends: gibberish.


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