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Thursday, 12/6
December 6, 2007, 4:11 pm
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  • “The Deer Hunter”
  • “Terminator 2: Judgment Day”
  • “The Professional”
  • “Cliffhanger”
  • “Rambo”
  • “The Long Kiss Goodnight”
  • “Dances with Wolves” (2)
  • “Highlander”
  • “Apocalypse Naw” (sic)

1G (boys) – movie reviews, part 1

  • louder than usual
  • didn’t get to clip
  • quiz: which of these things are fun/which of these things are funny

1H (boys) – movie reviews, part 1

  • stopped in the middle of the PowerPoint bc they were too noisy and disrespectful
  • at least Min Yoo participated
  • someone spilled perfume (??) and now my classroom smells like cheap jasmine and feet

1F (girls) – movie reviews, part 1

  • not great
  • same material as above
  • again, didn’t get to movie
  • gave SDY copy of A Wrinkle in Time

1E (girls) – movie reviews, part 1

  • again, same material
  • best behaved of all my classes today

2A (girls) – movie reviews, part 1

  • I take that back, these girls were my best today
  • even Crazy Hair and Deer Eyes were participating
  • I’m starting to think this lesson is too teacher-centric?

My eyes and face and body hurt. I’m not down with being sick. I am so, so, so excited about the prospect of discussing books with SDY and Canada. SDY is also one of my best students, although she’s never studied abroad. She looks about eight, has an unexpectedly low voice, and is entirely too serious and sweet. Today I asked her at the beginning of class if the stuff we were doing was boring for her, and she insisted that it was fun. But when I asked her if it was too easy and told her to be honest, she hesitated for a second, looked around, and nodded quickly. SDY is in TBB’s class; it’s not an easy class in which to be a prodigy, and it took SDY about a month to realize that raising her hand for every question was not necessarily a good idea. So anyway she was entirely too nice to admit how dull she found learning stuff she already knows, but I discovered how far ahead she was when she stayed after class. I gave her a copy of AWiT, as previously noted, and she flipped through it with what looked like a bit of hesitation. “Is it too hard, or can you handle it?” I asked her. She looked through it some more, looked up, and asked me, “What happens when I finish it?” I couldn’t help it. I started laughing. And told her that we would cross that bridge when we came to it.

Soccer and I were talking about this tonight and how we have a few students who might actually be backsliding by not learning anything new ever in our classes, so I think we might try to start a book club next semester. The idea of being able to hang out with my kids outside of school, to be with these students that I not only respect but find so adorable I want to put them in my pocket and keep them forever, is awesome, a reminder that even these rough days are better than anything I could have asked for.

Today IGR Recommends: Regina Spektor, because I listened to her today with my Korean friend and I realized that I had forgotten how much fun she is. Scooter says she is adorable, and while I initially took that as an affront, I’m starting to think that maybe he’s right.


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[…] Thursday, 12/6By IGRnot great; same material as above; again, didn’t get to movie; gave SDY copy of A Wrinkle in Time. 1E (girls) – movie reviews, part 1. again, same material; best behaved of all my classes today. 2A (girls) – movie reviews, part 1 …Intrepid Girl Reporter – […]

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