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Thursday, 12/20: I must you kill
December 20, 2007, 2:30 am
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My classes are a ZOO, my desk’s a wreck and the caf smells like nasty, but despite these minor obstacles, it is, in fact, beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Today in 1G the kids were screaming about Lee Myung Bak, so, foolishly, I tried to engage them in a brief political discussion.* Predictably, this was a miserable failure, so I fell back to the time-honored Santa letters.

Answers to the question, “Where does Santa live?”

  • Iceland
  • Norway (Oslo)
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • California
  • space

Dear Santa

Hi my name is ______. I want to a lot of money so give me. Are you understand? Santa I want to Rudolpoo too. So give me. Are you understand? I believe you Santa I have questions. Are you rich? and Are you fast?

So bye-bye

Dear Santa

Hi~ My name is ________ I’m 13 years old. I loves computer games. I want to PSP, MP3, Dog, bird, snake, cameleon, Iguana,

Dear. Santa

Hi! My name is _____ I must you kill because you did not visited my home

Dear Santa

Hello. My name is ??? Sorry. I can’t tell my name to you. Because I don’t want to get present from you. I will get presents from my parents. But please give present to my younger sister. She needs a doll or a bicycle. Please give a present to my sister. I don’t need your gift.

Jeju Dong Middle School

From 1-8 ???

PS You really want give present, you should give me to bicycle

Dear Santa Claus

Hi~ My name is _____. You know me? I know you ~! You is famous people. I’d like to meet ______ ~ I like you ~ oh ~ My school name is _______! I like my school! I want cellerphone. But I want teddy bear! You understand? Thank you ~

Good night~ bye, bye!

(in hearts on the bottom: I’m 14 years old, Santa Claus coming soon!, good luck!, where are you from?, I wish your good luck) 

Dear Santa

hi I’m _____ I want to a soccer ball, soccer glove, soccer shoese, mp3, Russia war, DIS, notebook. I have questions. Where are you from? Where are you live. And Are you person?

To Santa

Hallo! I’m _________ I live Korea, I live Jeju Island. I go to Dong Midle School. I’m a disable man. I wish I were a normal man. Goodbye!

*“What happened yesterday?” “Who won?” “Are you happy?”


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