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Tuesday, 1/1: walk it by yourself
January 2, 2008, 5:58 am
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Ways in which my performance over the past 48 hours was suboptimal:

  • Left phone charger in Louisville
  • Totally pooped out last night, was not particularly energetic party guest thanks to end of visit fatigue
  • Took shower for first time all trip
    • actually good in that I was clean, bad in that I hadn’t taken a shower in three days
  • drove home in snow due to late departure from Rooms and Rooms’ apartment
  • failed to email HS’ teacher to set up a time for school tour tomorrow, which is why I’m sort of hoping that the snow picks up
  • old laptop made me look really bad by coming home in suitcase, WORKING PERFECTLY
  • abysmal showing in Scrabble

At the turn of this new year, however, my hair has reached its ideal length for this cut, and I made some peanut butter cookies.

It doesn’t take a degree to observe that this year went a lot better than any other I’ve had. (Although I now have one. Which is part of what took this year up a notch.) I do not, however, see this as a mathematical limit, where my life approaches a finite amount of awesome. So I want to set some goals for 2008. I’m not sure how well I’ll follow them, but if they’re not there then I definitely won’t accomplish them. Or maybe anything.

  1. update GoodReads more
    1. I like GoodReads and I read a lot, there’s no reason not to do this
  2. revive old projects
    1. internet based and otherwise
  3. blog more consistently
    1. I thought about participating in NaNoBloYear, but aside from the fact that my stab at NaBloPoMo was a dismal failure, aside from the fact that posting every day might foster an unhealthy narcissism and assumes that I live a really interesting life, I might not be near a computer every day
  4. listen to more music
  5. read one poem every day
  6. try to email someone at least once a week
    1. generally be better correspondent, but this is feasible and definite
  7. take better care of money, give it the sort of love that will make it want to stay with me
    1. spend it on stuff like traveling and not stuff like clothes at AZ Plus
  8. learn one Korean word/day

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I agree with the goodreads goal!

Comment by Shanna

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