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Thursday, 1/10: where are you when we need you, Mina Kim?
January 10, 2008, 5:38 am
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By day, he’s Mike Kim, unassuming Hawaiian middle schooler. By night, he’s SuperBoy, whose powers include but are not limited to jumping high and biting with his wolf teeth. This character (reminiscent of Superbad as he may be) was the one crafted by my camp class after a briefing re: superhero mythology (you need a villain, a costume, etc.). Then they went on to create their own. I’ll let you fill in the snarky commentary.

  • NAME Cat Girl
  • AGE 23
  • BOY OR GIRL? girl
  • ALIAS: Judy
  • LOCATION: She lives in forest. It have long river and many trees.
  • DAY JOB: math teacher
  • SUPERPOWERS: She can fly to the sky. She have wonderful guns, cape, belt and glasses. She have mask
  • WORST ENEMY: dogboy is Alien.
  • BIOGRAPHY: She changes cat girl when she looks cat. After change, she help poor people and save Earth from Alien.
  •  NAME: Super Girl
  • AGE: seventeen
  • BOY OR GIRL? girl
  • ALIAS: Sujan
  • LOCATION: She is very poor, so she lives 초가집(ed. note: thatched-roof house)
  • DAY JOB: She is a student
  • SUPERPOWERS: She has a strong power and strong electricshock
  • WORST ENEMY: Worst enemy’s name is gangsters
  • BIOGRAPHY: If she saw gangsters then she changes ‘super girl’ Super girl can fly with cape and give to gangsters electroshock with sharp nails

(ed. note: accompanying head shot featured hand with long nails, electricshock emanating from talons, with a speech balloon reading, “Are you scared?”)

  • NAME: Help Woman
  • AGE: 22 years old
  • BOY OR GIRL? girl
  • ALIAS: Mina Kim
  • LOCATION: In the space
  • DAY JOB: Programmer
  • SUPERPOWERS: Jump, fly, catch the bad people, ring, boots
  • WORST ENEMY: Fire man
  • BIOGRAPHY: She goes to everywhere then fight bad people. She makes a new program. She usually wear a cape. She helps poor people.

More tomorrow. The boys wanted to keep theirs to finish their drawings, which means you’re going to have to wait for the vital stats of Jupiter and Crysis.

Settling myself back in Jeju reminds me that the gift living abroad has given me is a certain discomfort with my original home. I plan on settling in America (unless someone happens to offer me a nice apartment in London, let me know if you’re giving one away). But having been somewhere else, having absorbed someone else’s customs, having visited home and having actually missed certain things about the other place, means that there’s this undefinable small qualm – a change in fit. The size of me has changed, and even though I can’t put my finger on how, something about America doesn’t fit as well as it used to. And I can’t help but think that it would take a superhero-sized effort to change that.


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then maybe another year in korea. . .

Comment by robin

Yeah. Miguk doesn’t fit very well anymore. Well-put, IGR!

Comment by Laura J

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