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1/17: in which Superboy dies
January 17, 2008, 2:10 pm
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  • tickets to Bangkok: check
  • tickets to Singapore: check
  • tickets to Phuket: check
  • tickets back to Bangkok: check
  • voice: not check, since I chose now to get sick

I suspect it was the sip of my coffee I gave Arkansas the other day. Whatever it was, I now have one cold and no vocal capacity, which is rather inconvenient, as we’re scheduled to leave on Sunday. Oops. Oma just gave me a ludicrous amount of pocket money for the trip, money I’m not even sure my family can afford, which means that I should probably humor her and get some sort of medicine tomorrow.

This is what Korean medicine entails: You go to the doctor and they give you a set of like five pills that you’re supposed to take three times a day. The pills are usually different colors. If you’re me, and you ask people five or six times what you’re taking, they’ll tell you which one is which, for the most part. Also, you should only drink hot water, and according to Hallim’s host mom, being sick is not an excuse to not eat your pork shabu shabu, as pork is good for colds. This sounds suspect to me.

Anyway, assuming I make it out of bed and to the airport on Sunday, our itinerary is as follows:

SUNDAY Fly to Bangkok

SUNDAY PM/MONDAY AM Fly to Singapore (this was the cheapest way)


THURSDAY PM Phuket (maybe trashy, but all we really want is the beach, although not The Beach)

FRIDAY NOON Fly to Bangkok, meet up with Intrepid tour

FRIDAY – WEDNESDAY super awesome Thailand

WEDNESDAY PM fly from Chiang Mai to Bangkok

Planning this trip has taught me a valuable career lesson, namely that I have neither the inclination nor the patience to ever be a travel agent. Nonetheless: Thailand. (And Singapore, too.) Because we booked the Intrepid tour pretty late, we managed to get 20% off, which means we have 8 days for $444. My natural suspicion of package tours was tempered by the fact that a) we will be hanging out with hill tribes, b) we will be bicycling around ancient temples, c) Intrepid claims to promote “responsible travel,” and d) I don’t speak Thai. Someday I will speak every language and navigate among many cultures with ease. Presumably on that day I will also, somehow, have become Indiana Jones.

Camp is going along – I should have assigned essays, should have quizzed them over the reading, but really, aside from the fact that I didn’t think of it, these kids do enough work. They’re already slogging through Matilda, and while I know they like it, I also know that a chapter takes them hours. They’re also finishing their comic books, polishing the stories of JoKo and Hacker Genius and HighBred. The one I’m most excited to read involves Jupiter, whose story appears to somewhat parallel that of the Crow. All I know so far is that John Mike was borned in Korea, died because traffic accident, and then a meteorite hit the Earth and somehow he was reborn in a costume that looks very much like some sort of Kabuki outfit.

The stories of the girls are also surprisingly engaging and touching – well, I shouldn’t say surprisingly, as I ought to expect no less at this point. But “American Monster,” the story of the monster who ate people only to be sliced open by Help Woman, is pretty stellar, as is Super Angel, who constantly fights the Devil until he one day gets a cold and she nurses him back to health. Superboy, however, vanquishes his monsters…and then dies. Is this a statement on our ultimate vulnerability? This girl, after all, when doing her metaphor quiz, wrote, “Superboy is as important as water.” Or, like the teddy bear museum and the wedding, does it make no sense I’ll ever understand?


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