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Saturday, 1/19: twas the night before
January 19, 2008, 5:11 pm
Filed under: skool, students, teaching

I left the house twice today, once to teach and once to eat guksu (noodle soup) with Host Fam. The rest of the time was spent sleeping, coughing, trying to convince HB that I really, really had to finish this job application before I played any games, and jamming my stuff into Scooter’s loaned backpack, on which he left some sort of lucky charm made of red cord. That’s the sort of luck we’ll need – not the kind that charms bring, but the kind that happens when people do nice things like give you charms for no reason.

I have serious tendencies towards overpacking, and that state of affairs isn’t helped by my camera and its bag, which (bless its heart) is really big. I don’t want to carry a 40 liter bag through the markets of Bangkok, and I’m debating bringing a really dirty number of outfits (4) for the next eleven days, with the reasoning that Hallim will like me regardless of how I smell. This would also allow me to shove my empty regular backpack in there, which I could then carry around instead of a purse. All of this is probably a really bad idea.

We watched “Matilda” today to celebrate the last day of class; it was okay, but it pales in comparison to the book, especially because the movie plays up the whole superhero aspect and subdues the whole sort of desperate-times idea that Roald Dahl had going on. Also, it’s just not as funny if it’s not British. I’m sorry. Then I got a gift and a letter from one of my students that says, in part, that I am the best teacher she has had in seven years of schooling, which is surely not true and makes me feel bad for slacking off. She gave me some sort of handkerchief shaped like some animal, a necklace, and some candy. Again. This kind of luck. More like karma, I suppose.

I may or may not post from abroad. Anyway, take care of yourselves.


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