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Saturday, 1/26: the best pad thai in town
January 26, 2008, 1:33 pm
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Questions/comments about me in Singapore and Thailand, to date:

“Malay face, see, she have Malay face”

“Indian girl?”

“Parlez-vous chinoise?”

It’s becoming increasingly apparent that Yo, our guide, learned all of her English from Da Ali G Show. Also, her actual name bears no resemblance to the word Yo. She did, however, guide us to Sukhothai through a combination of train and songthaew, or “truck with some benches in the back.”

HALLIM What’s a songthaew?

IGR You sit in the back of a pickup truck. Like Kentucky.

HALLIM Oh, that’s not even special.

Then she took us to a place where some masseuses on off duty from hospital gave us hour and a half long Thai massages for approx. $6 USD. Dinner – apparently pad thai is a Sukhothai specialty – was 25 baht, which is less than a dollar. Tomorrow: bike riding around temples, more deciphering of guide speak.


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I like Sukhothai

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