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Friday, 2/1: feeling base
February 1, 2008, 1:16 pm
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(Sorry.)Having finished with my exploitation of developing economies for now (who knew prostitutes and heroin could be so cheap?), I’m writing from someone else’s computer on a US military base, a weird slice of suburbia in the middle of Itaewon GROSS GROSS. I went to the grocery store/commissary down the street today and was pretty embarrassed at how excited I was. Interestingly: also realized that I now talk as though no one around me can understand, which is a habit I need to break very, very quickly.Internship starts Monday – jumped through bureaucratic hoops today and that was pretty much it. Now I’m sitting with Soccer, who is half asleep on the couch and sick and miserable. I don’t even know what to make of my surroundings. But I do know that internet access is limited, so I will be a lot more productive. I hope. One of my new roommates is writing a book. What am I doing? GOALS, FEBRUARY

  • write at least one essay for Program literary magazine
  • read at least five new books (and review them on goodreads)
  • finally make decision re: presidential candidates (side note: an Obama/McCain race? Can we make it happen?)
  • make bread in oven of lovely large house where I now live HA HA HA KOREA
  • find more jobs to apply to in likely possibility grad school thing does not work
  • write more poems
  • explore Seoul
  • get decent haircut



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