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Monday, 3/10: my dream is dog
March 10, 2008, 4:24 pm
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Responses from the new 1J to the offer, “Ask me any question you want about me or about America.”

  • “Are you married?”
  • “America, lions live?”
  • “Is American vacation short?”
  • “Do you know Jesus?”

IGR Okay, so we can have a fun class, but you have to stop talking long enough to hear me.

Student Give up.

answers to survey, kid from class 1H:

  • nickname no
  • My hobbies are no
  • My dream is no
  • My favorite singer no
  • My mother is a…no
  • My father is a…no
  • This year I want to study…no
  • If I could be an anmal, I would no!
  • My favorite food is no! no no no

It’s good to be back.


10 March 2008

Introductions (had them guess stuff about me/fill out survey)

  • a little rowdy but not too bad
  • that one kid on the side is a hoot



  • mostly well behaved, a little noisy



10 March 2007 – Introductions

  • mid-level
  • quieter than 1B
  • wants to learn music, grammar (really?)


  • total nightmare
  • watch out for four in corner (know English pretty well)
  • not mean but LOUD
  • did not collect work, hold ticket raffle

There’s no hot water in the apartment for unknown reasons and, worryingly, it may or may not be back tomorrow, which would be unfortunate bc I am pretty dirty.


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