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Tuesday, 3/11: BUSHEE
March 11, 2008, 12:02 pm
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A semester of teaching under my belt and I still don’t know how to respond when students tell me that their nickname is Doghead.

(I do, however, know how to respond when they write that their nickname is Duck: OMGTHATSSOCUTESQUEEE.)


Waiting on the World to Change

Lesson: Discuss the American election, write letters to “Bushee”

  • all kids pretty participatory
  • get more from some higher students
  • highlight: Good Twin citing “unemployment” as a concern
  • assigned letters as HW
  • why does no one know John McCain? (because the media likes the other two candidates better)
  • “Bushee love war”



  • modified lesson to have them practice “what’s your name,” etc.
  • SUPER quiet and well behaved
    • except for that girl with the boy haircut who kept imitating me


    Waiting on the World to Change

    • computer didn’t work so had to move to English room
    • kids were AWFUL
    • quasi-stimulating debate?
      • IGR: “What issues do you care about?”
      • Student: “Jjajangmyun is too expensive!”
    • letters assigned as HW

    11 March 2008

    Waiting on the World to Change

    • Famous American, not hangman
    • got moved to sixth pd so not v. good
    • what’s up with my advanced girls not participating?
    • mostly wanted to write to Lee Myung Bak instead
    • assigned letters for HW

    Sometimes I think that it’s rather self-indulgent to assign these lessons; what useful vocab are they really going to carry away from this? Am I just trying to elicit quasi-profound Konglish for my blog? And – since I don’t buy into any sort of ideology as simplistic as that which I present – what am I doing, really? But then I remember that a) almost all of my teaching, not just this, is geared towards my own entertainment, and b) we’re going back to numbers next week, and there’s absolutely nothing profound they can get out of that. Interestingly, much like the refugee lesson, my first class was stellar and also alone, and more interestingly still, it was once again Eun Jeong’s class – and EJ, by the way, is quite the participator now. I wouldn’t necessarily describe her as a model student, but she doesn’t whine as much and she listens a lot more. VICTORY IS MINE. For the time being, at least.

    This afternoon was another afternoon in which, despite my best intentions, I found myself bogged down in frustration with the fact that seemingly no one understood me. The hot water was still off at the apartment, so I called Host Mom to get her to give directions to the jjimjilbang to which we usually go. Upon arrival, however, there was some sort of sign blocking its driveway, and the taxi driver started babbling something about how I couldn’t go and making these sorts of “Ayyyyyy!” noises, so he took me instead to this resort in the middle of nowhere (and certainly not in my city) that supposedly had a jjimjilbang, but in fact only had a sauna, which was closed. This was roughly a $14 taxi ride, partially because the taxi driver took me out in the middle of boondock, and partially because for some of the time we were stuck behind this guy who appeared to be driving some sort of fertilizer machine. So finally Host Mom was like, “You know, Host Dad’s Gym has a jjimjilbang,” except by “jjimjilbang” she meant “a public shower and a sauna the size of a toll booth.” Then I came home and made chili from this spice mix I bought at the commissary, but it was a little bitter and no one liked it, as evidenced by the fact that, as discreetly as possible, Host Mom has set out a bunch of leftovers.


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