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Wednesday, 3/12: …and that was the last time I ever wore socks with holes to school
March 12, 2008, 1:08 pm
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Being in this gyomushil is, I think, a little more conducive to work, and a little less conducive to my refreshing the New York Times Dining&Wine until this week’s section comes up. It has natural light, there’s no vice principal who continually wants to practice his nonexistent English, it’s smaller, and it’s less prone to climate extremes. Progress!

Edit: the major issue I have with this teachers’ office is that I sit next to a teacher I am quickly beginning to think of as The Punisher. There’s a kid in the office now who is literally panting because he’s crying so hard.

Still, though, it’s amazing how invigorating working with these little rats can be. I woke up this morning and – for no real reason – didn’t even feel like getting out of bed, couldn’t find any music I wanted to listen to, could barely bring myself to get to school on time, and yet as soon as I saw my first class and heard them scream HIIIIIIIIIIIII! I found myself basking in the shallow but unconditional affection that is the birthright of the Foreign Teacher.

2G – Guess Who?

  • supercute
  • three PopSong Boys !!!!!!!!
  • those two boys who look like baseball players
  • a little noisy but not too bad

2F – Guess Who?

  • the girl in the back does not get to answer every question
  • again, a little noisy but not too bad
  • first class to answer, “What questions did you ask me when we first met?”
  • did four questions bc we had extra time
    • SuperBoy still wants to be diplomat, another Winter Camp girl (who WAS her superhero?) wants to be a scientist AND a chef
    • one of my girls, considering what animal she would be, chooses a sloth
      • also wrote “Oh! besame mucho!” on the top of her paper

2K – Guess Who?

  • blahgahghahahhh
  • Malcolm X!
    • IGR to class: “Do you remember the first time we met?”
    • Malcolm X: “My memory’s not that good.”
  • that kid who was friends with my awful Tuesday kid
  • a lot of answerers but mostly the same kids
  • would NOT LET HOLE IN SOCK GO…that’s what I get for wearing student slippers
  • KES and the dyslexic kid…great
  • one of my kids likes Queen!

2J – Guess Who?

  • like, stunningly quiet
  • Cutest Student Ever’s boyfriend, Cutest Boy Student Ever
  • mostly engaged, etc./asked most introductory questions
  • one kid went to South Africa over break, has sister in America (but English not v.g. – ?)

2H – Guess Who?

  • ril loud
  • Moon River
  • other assorted loud kids
  • would not shut up
  • WotD: “introduction”

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You’ll appreciate this: Jeju Air’s online forms use Freddie Mercury as an example name. They do, however, spell it Freddle Mercury.

I guess they haven’t heard of that crazy llttle thlng called “I?”

Comment by Laura J

shallow and unconditional — couldn’t be described any better.

Comment by Soccer

[…] One of those girls actually likes Jeff Buckley. She also actively blogs and likes Korean punk music. I think she might be the only one in this school of 1500 that falls under these categories. I feel like I did when I was teaching at Summerbridge and I met Amara, the only camper who wasn’t a Rihanna fan. (This is also “Besame Mucho”/sloth girl.) […]

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