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Thursday, 3/13: she will be loved
March 13, 2008, 1:37 pm
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(IGR), I want to be a your husband!

(IGR), Do you want to marry me?

– inscriptions on raffle tickets received from a (female) student

“My friends, they are, um, they are, awful?”

– Host Brother on the risk I’ll face of being the victim of a prank when I teach his class next week

2A – Guess Who?

  • I hate when no one tells me that my schedule has changed and then they have to get me out of the office
  • apparently I ate all of my melon chews yesterday…I really need one
  • only class to really get into the interviews
  • a little loud
  • Sweater Girl is such a jerk

1K – Introductions

  • having kids repeat questions proved too noisy
  • the same ten kids answered all the questions
  • the one on the far left seems more advanced?
    • used past tense properly: “the paper you gave me”
  • rather raucous
  • Co-Teacher C not particularly helpful (only class with him)
  • have to come up with plan for next week

I keep my Secret Candy Stash in a place (on top of my closet) where I actually have to stand on my bed to get it, a measure one would think might stop me from eating so much of it all the time, if one did not know me. Alas, it has no effect. This is not helped by the fact that I stopped in the new KosaMart convenience store near my house to check out their candy selection and, while it was nothing special, the store was so packed with merchandise and so empty of customers, and the woman at the counter looked so nice and so sad, that I ended up buying a bag of Cookies and Cream Hershey Kisses out of pity. And then I sat on my floor in my room, watched the first ten minutes of the Project Runway finale, and ate five of them.

This, I believe, is a genetic failing. Miguk Oma (who, in her mid-forties, is still a size 4) kept cans of frosting under her bed in high school. THANKS MOM.
Anyway, I tried to make up for it by going to yoga for the first time in a month and a half, but I tried to tell my yoga teacher I’d bring my money next class and I accidentally told her to pay me instead. Oops. The endorphins sort of shook me out of my funk though – I should, of course, be studying Korean and writing and doing all sorts of useful things instead of napping a lot, but I haven’t been, and now I feel more like doing so. And afterwards I had the urge to listen to actual dancey music, so I put on some Daft Punk and the Faint (which I was listening to for the first time, because I am not cool at all) and decided that “Southern Belles in London Sing” is my new favorite song. At least for the moment.

My iPod’s latest trick is to pause in the middle of songs, sometimes three or four times in one song. Can you make it to July, iPod? iPlease?

Today IGR Recommends: Southern Belles in London Sing, by the Faint.

Note for Jeju peeps: My yogawon (that’s yoga studio) is behind the Boseong Market gate, which is in City Hall as you’re coming from Jungangro. I highly recommend it. My teacher is very kind and there are many levels of students. Price is about 50,000 won for eight classes.


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