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Monday, 3/17: the voys from Vrazil
March 17, 2008, 6:58 am
Filed under: actual transcripts, skool, students, teaching

1H – Introductions

  • the loud kid with the Ha Ha glasses is pretty bad
  • reasonably receptive
  • forgot to do WotD, have them practice questions

1A – Introductions

  • inadvertently made student cry after she made fun of me (sent her to back of room, ACT escorted her out and talked to her, she came back and sniffled in corner)
  • mostly okay, not v. high level
  • got to WotD but not question practice

1C – Introductions

  • absolutely super
  • first class EVER to turn in all tickets in English
  • didn’t get to class answers (paper)

1I – Introductions

  • what would I do without ACT?
  • didn’t get to class answers (paper)

At the beginning of the first grade classes we play a game where the kids have to guess various facts about me. One of these is, “Where is my father from?” I gave all of my classes the hint today that it was a country that started with V (Vietnam). Literally all of them guessed Brazil. Can I at least get a Venezuela?

Punisher is preparing to hit some students who are crying on their knees. Sweet.


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