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Monday, 3/24: more spreading of the Gospel of Barker
March 24, 2008, 12:54 pm
Filed under: skool, students, teaching

1H – The Price is Right

  • WotD: discount
  • took away tickets bc too noisy
  • only got through one part of game
  • sent two kids to back of room for making fun of me
  • computer broken

1B – The Price is Right

  • WotD: discount
  • game takes longer w/first graders
  • make them write stuff down

1D – The Price is Right

  • a little slow but perfect angels
  • got to game
  • computer broken
  • WotD: discount

1J – The Price is Right

  • rude, noisy, smelly
  • but they seem pretty smart…
  • Co-Teacher F actually kicked me out so she could punish them (ergo, no game)
  • WotD: discount

I discovered a new kind of orange (I’ve heard there are five on Jeju) that is smaller than a golf ball. You eat the peel and all. It’s incredibly delicious, although in retrospect it was probably a bad idea to stick them in my eyes in an effort to make my baby host cousin laugh. (It didn’t work.)

The other day at dinner Punisher told me how much he likes sitting next to me in the gyomushil. Fab. But I did get an awesome Easter package from home that included Trinidads, Mounds Eggs, Reeses Eggs (does the joy never end?), and Phase 10.


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