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Wednesday, 3/26: the laws of the jungle
March 26, 2008, 11:50 am
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[Dear Lee Myung Bak]…Please help the economy. I want my parents to smile.

– PopSongBoy #1


2-7 – The Price is Right

  • Co-Teacher F doesn’t want them screaming out answers
  • good efforts
  • how can I channel the energy of that kid in the back?
  • PopSongBoy #1 won AGAIN…next time don’t let that happen

2-6 – The Price is Right

  • one of my louder good students got mad when Co-Teacher F punished her for being late
  • liked game pretty well
  • WotD: discount

2-11 – The Price is Right

  • Soccer was here
  • students well behaved/got a TON of letters
  • Malcolm X agreed to read Holes – get him map for Kidari English Shop bookstore

2-10 – The Price is Right

  • tried clapping thing for first time – worked well
  • Co-Teacher F made them stop yelling (“was not my plan”)
  • Min Ho incident

2-8 – The Price is Right

  • what am I going to do with BeatBox Kid?
  • clapping thing

1. I have lost maybe 4 different chalk holders. Chalk holders are highly coveted because they prevent your hands from getting chalky. Because they cost roughly $3.50, they are not kept in stock by the supply room. I was given two in the beginning. One of them disappeared from my desk. One of them I left in a classroom. Since then, I have received more, accidentally left those in classrooms too, and have run back literally two minutes later to find them gone, with the current teacher professing to have no knowledge of said chalk holder and the students looking as doofy and clueless as ever. Today I was given a chalk holder by one of my students and decided to keep it, as the other teachers keep keeping mine, but then he reclaimed it when I wasn’t looking on the grounds that it belonged to some other teacher. None of my students do this for me.

EDIT: One of my students returned a chalk holder to me! This was a high point in my teaching career. Last period, however, I left it in the classroom. I went back to get it ten minutes later – bear in mind that this is the last period of the day, and there are no more teachers in the room after me – and it was gone. There are no witnesses.

2. As previously mentioned, Miguk Oma sent me trail mix. I like to eat trail mix at my desk, as eating small snacks throughout the day prevents me from getting cranky. School etiquette says you are not supposed to really have private property. I have seen teachers eat breakfast at their desk, but that’s about it. So I’ve been trying to eat this surreptitiously, because it is food for a specific purpose and food that was sent to me from America and I don’t feel like I should have to share it, but then this science teacher who sits diagonally from me came up to me the other day and told me to give her some, thus blowing my cover. GREAT. I am now eating it only when there are three people or less in the office with me.

3. Soccer came to see one of my best classes today, which was fun. They liked her a lot. But once she left, I ran into some trouble with Co-Teacher F – he hit Min Ho in the head for talking too much, which is an ineffective way of dealing with him, and Min Ho got angry and refused to even try at the game. I am not allowed to share this info with Co-Teacher F, however, as he is about forty years my senior and it would be considered rude. Also, the BeatBox Kid, who used to be really nice before he decided he was going to be both a pro soccer player and a pro beatboxer, is more of a jerk every time we have class. BLAHGAH.

Other occurrences of note today: Moon River, who is chubby and has a lazy eye and is all around rather goony looking, proceeded to shout, during a review of numbers, “Million Dollar Baby!” In response to the quizzical stares of his classmates, he explained, “American movie.” (When I asked, he assured me that he had watched it, which is pretty impressive, considering I’ve never seen it.) Later, when I pulled up the Price is Right PowerPoint, he christened his team “Show Me The Money.” His knowledge of American pop culture continues to both baffle and inspire.

Then KES stopped me in the hall and gave me a ticket to what appears to be a handbell concert this Saturday. While he is in my top 5 of worst students, none of my best students ever invite me to anything.


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