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Tuesday, 4/1: April come she will
April 1, 2008, 11:54 am
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2D – How Nice of You

  • a little slow but got into it
  • did NOT do clap thing (forgot)
  • WotD: compliments
  • Co-Teacher D (young one) concerned about sullen looking girl with markered-up sweatshirt


1E – The Price is Right

  • winner: loud skinny girl with Ha Ha glasses
  • a little louder but really liked game
  • a little slow with the numbers
  • forgot clap thing (but will I ever need it with these girls?)


 2B – How Nice of You

  • did clap thing
  • next time, require vocab usage in dialogues (got through all of them)
  • dialogues work better in pairs
  • also for dialogues next time: maybe have one do “You are…” and another do “I like your…”
  • I guess “You are very tall” is a compliment in Korea, albeit one I’ll never get


2C – How Nice of You

  • again, went slightly short
  • did clap thing
  • WotD: compliment

It’s the most wonderful time of the year here – not spring, as you might guess (it’s still too cold for that), but election season yet again. This time they’re voting for National Assembly seats. ACT, still fighting the good fight, is supporting the candidate of her fractured Labor Party, a man of whom even she concedes, “I think he does not have a very good chance.”

All this, of course, means that the election trucks are once again out in full force, blaring their songs. A sample, as translated by ACT:

Choose Number One! He is the best choice! Choose Number One! He is your man! Choose Number One! He will the worker for your future!

where “Number One” is the candidate’s number on the ballot, their main identifying marker. The fact that each candidate is known by their number underscores the fact that, colors and songs aside, the propaganda for each candidate looks exactly the same. And I don’t mean this in a general sense, in the way that Americans say that all politicians are the same; I mean they are, quite literally, nearly identical. The trucks are built the same way, the fonts are the same, and the dancers wear outfits distinguished only by their hue and the name screened on the front.  The only other markers of difference are the photographs of the candidates, which usually feature a man in a thoughtful pose but, in at least one instance, show someone wearing what appears to be a martial arts uniform.

I brought my camera down to City Hall today to photograph the dancers and the cherry blossoms. After I finished teaching at the 공부방, I headed out to a rally for the aforementioned Number One, a guy named Kim Woo Nam, who looks as pensive and concerned (from the photo on his truck) as any other. I get the feeling that he feels my pain. The college students hired to dance looked thoroughly embarrassed, and I think they figured out that I wasn’t part of a legit news outlet, despite my efforts to blend in. But if Kim Woo Nam wants the world to know about him, well, that’s what he gets.

For today’s recommendation: I’m quite fond of fonts, and I’ve been working with a few different ones recently as part of a side project I’m doing. For that reason, I’d like to recommend my all-time favorite font site, dafont, which has truly ludicrous numbers of both copied and original fonts, all for free. I can spend hours there. (Stop judging me.) I’d also like to promote a site I just found, Heavenly Fonts, which allowed me to download classic 80s font Tiffany for free.


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