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Tuesday, 4/15: the unbearable juiciness of being
April 15, 2008, 12:24 am
Filed under: life on Jeju, skool

A few minutes ago the Punisher unceremoniously hit me on the arm with half a peeled tangerine, gesturing for me to eat it with a sort of “mmph” sound. Tangerines are tasty, but whatever kind these are are also messy, and now my desk is all sticky. At this point, I would not blame you if you stopped reading, because look at the kinds of problems I have: She is plied with delicious citrus and they are JUST TOO JUICY. But it is hard when something is both so enjoyable and so difficult.

The Board of Education is here to watch us today, apparently, although not me (thank God). I hope the students aren’t hitting each other too hard.


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Nice Kundera reference. You win a finity of points. Yeah, I hate whining about my cushy life, but there you are.

Comment by grayshifter

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