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Thursday, 4/17: sweet and sour
April 17, 2008, 4:28 am
Filed under: okay seriously Korea, skool

Lunch today was spaghetti, which is worse than American caf spaghetti, if such a thing is even possible. Fortunately, I only pay for lunch three days a week, and even though I have not technically fulfilled that quota for this week, I can escape with the excuse that I just haven’t paid for that delicious food, ergo I am denied the privilege of eating it.

Anyway, I just downed an entire package of sour strawberry chews in like five minutes. Maybe this is why, despite my poor eating habits, I don’t seem to be losing very much weight this semester.

The Teachers’ Book Club has been canceled, as the book chosen was too hard for the non-English teaching (but Anglophone – got that?) teachers. The whole point of the stupid book club was to allow the English teachers to practice and become better teachers, but then Co-Teacher E invited these other teachers who only speak some English to join, and now the book is too hard, so instead they want me to lead a conversation each week, which I suspect is just going to turn into a conversation class. Which would be fine, and a good way to get to know other teachers, but is also a) not what I signed up for and b) not something I have time for.

The MSYDP, however, is shaping up quite nicely – Program teachers were supposed to distribute the applications today, and they were uniformly enthusiastic I LOVE MY FRIENDS. Fingers crossed.

Today they’re playing James Blunt or something on the soccer field. Last semester they played Celine Dion and “Stan” by Eminem. I guess it’s a good thing my kids don’t really speak English. WHERE AM I?


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