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Wednesday, 4/30: 5-7-5
April 30, 2008, 4:16 pm
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haiku composed by 2F:


They are handsome boys

Wow! They are sing very well


(Group effort.)


I took a victory nap to celebrate.

Today didn’t start off too well, as I a) woke up at 8:40 (which is the time I’m supposed to be AT school), b) somehow made the copier spit my papers out with such force that they all fell to the floor, into the cranny between the copier and some sort of cabinet, c) LOST my chalk holder (I had it for a month – a new record), and d) started teaching the wrong lesson before my students made me aware of what was going on. Fun stuff.

But then Oregon came to watch my classes and my students all loved her, of course. So that was cool.

Sometimes I look at the Facebook photos of these people I haven’t seen since I was maybe thirteen and it’s so strange to see them now. Even stranger to think that I can guess what we’ll look like when we’re old.


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I haven’t seen you since around that age……do you know what I’m going to look like when I’m old? Can I get a sketch? SCARY.

Comment by Cori

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