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Wednesday, 5/28: where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing
May 28, 2008, 2:41 pm
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Getting fat, being lazy.

This is not actually true. Well, the fat part might be, as, with my current schedule, I skip meals and then eat an entire baguette. The other day I made a baguette sandwich with fried eggs and Dijon mustard and it was totally amazing, but then I ate the rest of the loaf and that was not as good.

I don’t really have the energy for a solid post, but here’s a brief update on my life: MSYDP has taken over; I’m still applying for jobs; my school is taking me out to dinner because I agreed to teach the class that includes the delinquents that screamed in my face and/or grabbed my posterior. They told me I could choose where we went and I selected Japanese. Japanese food here is very expensive.

To be honest, I did think about bringing the Program in to deal with this, and I dropped a few hints for my school along the lines of the Program being really worried and concerned about whether or not the school could handle another foreign teacher. But truthfully, I felt like I was in one of those old ads for the Becker Law Firm where the old guy is like, “Let’s clean them out,” and his young nervous associate is like, “But they hired Gary Becker!” and the old man turns pale and is like, “Let’s settle this one.” In this metaphor, the Program would equal Gary Becker, and my school would equal the sleazy insurance exec. Also, and much more importantly, bringing the Program in to advocate for me could potentially have some pretty serious consequences for ACT, who might not have the seniority necessary to survive something like that, and while ACT is the only person at my school I’d take one for, the point is that I would.

Anyway the cherry blossoms have been replaced by blown roses that grow over the fences, and my students have taken to practicing their recorders (the instrument of choice for Korean middle school classes) outside, sounding like a chorus of demented little songbirds. Yesterday, coming back from Sicheong, I ran into one of my less participatory but more friendly students, and after she told me her favorite artist was MC Mong (not Big Bang?!?) we listened to some Kanye together and she actually bopped her head. I’ll be ready to go home, but I’ll miss this life.


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i LOVE those gary becker commercials. I was completely heartbroken when i found out that the gary becker in the commercial isn’t actually the real gary becker. sigh.

Comment by julie from the ville

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