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Sunday, 8/10: bullet points
August 11, 2008, 4:33 am
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So much for cohesion.

  • I am almost embarrassed at how into the Olympics I am. I mean, I always watch them, but never with this fervor, even the boring sports. And I LOVE the commercials. I have always appreciated a good marketing ploy, but, despite my advanced age and increased skepticism, I find myself, almost against my will, inspired. 
  • Continued: I love the Visa commercials with Morgan Freeman, and the Nike spot that juxtaposes “I’ve got soul/but I’m not a soldier” with the images of the athletes. And, hello, the McDonald’s commercial featuring kids singing “The More We Get Together”? Say what you will about the corporations themselves, but one must acknowledge that their marketing people are earning every penny. 
  • Continued 2: Is that REM in the Embarq commercial where the woman is made of gold? If not, how did they find such uncanny REM impersonators?
  • Started listening to “new” DCFC album, Narrow Stairs. Almost everyone I know who liked them in high school/college has made a big show of being not interested in this album. Maybe it’s because the last time they were popular, most of us were much younger, i.e. very different people. Or maybe I’m friends with a bunch of elitists. I like it, of course, because I have a giant marshmallow where my heart should be. It’s not the best they can do, the lyrics kind of suck it up, and I’m not in the same overly sentimental place, but it’s certainly not BAD, despite the presence of “I Will Possess Your Heart.” Note to Ben Gibbard: I know you’re going for the whole sort of Police-esque creepy-but-endearing vibe, but I don’t think you’re going about it the right way. 
  • Speaking of music, may IGR offer a recommendation? The IndieFeed podcasts: (or on iTunes, obv). As long as you can get past the pretentious information blurbs. I’m especially partial to this week’s Indie Pop pick, “Night Vision Binoculars” by Passenger, which actually does – sort of – hit the Police sweet spot mentioned above. The lyrics aren’t the best part of the song, veering as they do dangerously close to novelty-song territory, but the chorus is terrific.
  • IGR also, rather obviously, recommends the Olympics and the accompanying, if false, feeling of hope for humanity.
  • John Edwards: not so hot right now. No shit. Lots of people have affairs, of course, though his was particularly trashy and involved more sleazy coverup than average. But what I find nearly as appalling – and what is getting very little coverage in the mainstream media – is the LA Times’ coverup effort. Liberal media, it is getting harder and harder to defend you to my father.
  • Actually I am pretty disappointed in most major politicians right now. Look, I don’t expect perfection, but Obama, would it have killed you to do the extra debates with McCain, or to stick with your original fundraising pledge? McCain, did you really have to go the negative route so soon, and did you REALLY have to juxtapose a WHITE family with Obama, “the biggest celebrity in the world”? It’s not the evangelicals you have to worry about losing. These are stupid mistakes that could have been easily avoided, and both of these campaigns should hire me to run them.
  • Job stuff in DC this week. Nothing is sure. But – should I get a job – there are a lot of people in the DC area whom I really like. Things could be going worse.

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good article thank a lot

Comment by music crazy

I also do not care for “Narrow Stairs,” but do not have the same attitude as your friends. I just don’t think the lyrics are great. But however, I do like “I Will Possess Your Heart,” but don’t really care for the Police for some strange reason. I like watching the Olympics here in Korea, but I wish I could understand what the commentators were saying^^

Comment by Soccer

i like that too, now the advertising very interesting, they have a new idie to get atten the people. thanks

Comment by US Visa Thailand

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