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Wednesday, 9/3: the need for time-out chairs
September 4, 2008, 4:51 am
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Darling readers, I know you are a) legion and b) wondering where I’ve been, and the answer is: interviewing, and also nowhere in particular. Truthfully, it feels like I don’t have all that much to write about lately, although nothing’s really changed – I’ve been reading a lot, making things, half-heartedly attempting to go on South Beach in order to reclaim some of my clothes from high school. As a testament to my willpower, my mother and I made snickerdoodles tonight and ate probably a quarter of it before it even hit the tray. Needless to say, snickerdoodles are not on the South Beach suggestion list in either their raw or their cooked form. If there was a diet called, I don’t know, the Santa Claus Goes To Italy diet, in which I could eat fresh vegetables and delicious whole grains and funky cheeses while also gorging myself on baked goods, I could see myself doing pretty well. Probably because that is more or less what my diet already is.

I’ve also been watching both conventions and, quite honestly, found them to be not all that different from each other, at least not in terms of self-congratulations and promises. I actually think McCain made a very smart move in choosing Palin in that he fired up the conservative base he’s had such a difficult time corralling, but a very dumb move in that he further alienated independents hoping that he would not act in the best interests of a party whose convention was sponsored by Exxon Mobil. At any rate, all the chatter about whether or not he was pandering to women is missing the point (he was pandering, but to evangelicals). And the claims that Sarah Palin isn’t good for so-called “women’s issues” are exhausting me – I don’t agree with her positions on most things dealing with the female body, which is why I probably will not be voting for her, but to claim that she doesn’t represent “women” is erroneous, because I’m here to tell you that there are a lot of women out there who like her, who see themselves in her, and who agree with her. Does she represent what I feel are the best interests of women? No. Does this make her not a feminist? Not if you accept the definition of a feminist as someone who sees women as equal to men (which her run for VP would suggest is true). And for the record, being pro-life and being feminist are not mutually exclusive.

Still, it would be a great relief to me – and, I think, a lot of the country – if this angry bickering could be given a rest. I realize that it is both entertaining and an inevitable part of the election year, but I simply don’t buy into the idea that one party has it all right, because if that were true what we would essentially be agitating for would be a single-party system. Can’t we consider the possibility that different problems might merit different approaches – and (gasp) different ideologies? There’s a difference between satire attacking both sides and crass stereotypes that favor one side or the other.

On a note both nonpartisan and nonrelated, I have decided to start learning the mandolin, effective tomorrow. I do have two of them, after all, neither of which I paid for, which is more likely than not to be a sign that the mandolin and I are destined to make beautiful music together.


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haha, Santa Claus goes to Italy

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