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Monday, 9/8: I kind of hate Jezebel, and I’m tired of talking about this
September 9, 2008, 4:59 am
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More from Jezebel on whether or not Sarah Palin is a feminist. I like Jezebel because I like getting information on fashion and sex and celebrities “without airbrushing,” as they claim, but I do find it rather irritating that a community of women who are supposedly such free thinkers are so intolerant regarding dissent. The number of comments dismissing Palin as a “hand puppet” of the GOP – ergo, being unaware of her own “best interests” as determined by the liberal crowd – is truly staggering, although far from surprising. A few days ago there was a post on Bristol Palin with some woman telling “these people” not to “breed,” to which one (minority) commenter responded, “So liberals are the only ones allowed to have babies?” Or something to that effect.

I’m pretty bored with this topic, so I promise this will be the last one, but I will say that watching these people scrabble and squabble gives me the same feeling I have when I argue with my father about his watching of FoxNews, which is to say: if you were totally convinced about being right, you wouldn’t need to shut out dissent. (And just for the record, please allow me to straighten out one inaccuracy cited frequently by the commenters on this article: aside from all the moral hysteria regarding pro-choicers and pro-lifers, Roe v. Wade is a case about PRIVACY. Overturning it will NOT automatically take away a woman’s right to choose; rather, it will simply allow each state to decide for itself – although that could in turn make abortions illegal, it’s true. Whether or not such a setup is constitutional depends on your reading of that hallowed document, and one I will not weigh in on here, but arguments are greatly strengthened when their accuracy is enhanced.)


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The Jez and I have a love/hate thing. But I guess I’m not that intolerant of dissent, because even though half the time I don’t agree with Editor X, I still read that shit.

Comment by grayshifter

I mean, I read it too. Obviously, there are reasonable people out there (like you)…I was mostly referring to the most active commenters. But like I said, I’m still reading, regardless of whether or not I agree. 😛

Comment by IGR

I thought Jezebel was great when I first started reading it. However, I soon noticed the herd mentality and the tendency of the commenters to leap on board whatever certain editors say. It’s like people are afraid of being ganged up on by other commenters so they just yammer on like the writings of the editors are the gospel truth. I have also noticed a huge rise in Lolspeak and use of the expression “Ugh.” Have some originality, people!

Comment by tellmesomething

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