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Tuesday, 9/9: the names are made up, but the problems are real
September 10, 2008, 3:41 am
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It’s back to Square One for this reporter, at least in terms of job searching. (Square One? Get it? Get it? …Oh, never mind.) I received word today that neither of the positions for which I recently interviewed will have me. While I am the most fortunate of unemployed people (a steady position in my house, patchy health coverage, parents who are willing to feed me indefinitely), it’s difficult not to take such rejections to heart, even in periods of record unemployment. I know, I KNOW, no one has a job right now. This would all be a lot easier if a) I had some source of income and b) I knew people here my own age. In that case, I could live here for much longer.

In Korea, in fact, most of the people my own age that I met actually did live with their parents. It seems pretty common for kids to stay home until they’re married, allowing their parents to manage their paychecks, seeing their friends and coming home late. Here, of course, I’ve been conditioned to think that I won’t grow as a person unless I strike out on my own. Is either system totally right? Probably not. But I know I shouldn’t worry as much as I do.

And, being placed smack in the middle of where I was before, I’ve been forced to reassess a few things. Which is to say: I’m contemplating teaching again. Again, I KNOW, I said I wanted to do something different, this isn’t my long term goal, etc., etc. But a) I was going to teach with TFA anyway, and I wasn’t planning on doing that forever, either; b) I really LIKE teaching (duh); c) if I’m going to be studying development, it won’t hurt me to immerse myself in an organizational model designed to ameliorate some of the issues I’ll be studying. I feel like I’m jinxing my chances just talking about it here, so I’ll stop except to say that this is something I am seriously contemplating. I don’t see it affecting my future plans at all, not that I should be counting on any sort of plan anymore anyway, as obviously: plans do not like me and avoid me at all costs.

One of the perks of being unemployed, however, is the ability to spend hours at home doing things like learning the mandolin. I am currently working on “Dixie” (really) and Chris Thile’s “Song For A Young Queen” (sort of). The great thing about the mandolin, especially for impatient people like myself, is that beginner’s songs don’t necessarily sound like they’re beginner’s songs. If you play the piano, as I have on and off for the past fourteen years, you cannot finger-pick “The Chimes” and be impressive. The mandolin, however, is a simple instrument, one that allows its musician to sound pretty cool even from the beginning and thus provides more encouragement for the amateur. I like that.

Finally: It’s Not Crazy Being Green, a nice reminder that environmentalism, in spite of the fact that it’s altruistic, also benefits all of us. Via American Scene. (I like how they describe it as “sensical.”)


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Tinwhistle is forgiving like that too. I HAVE NO JOB. Take heart. I, however, have incoming bills, which make me a little more nervous.

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