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Wednesday, 9/10: conspiracies against IGR and other musings
September 11, 2008, 4:11 am
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Okay, Jezebel, now you’re just trying to make me look bad.

Today I devoted an entire day to my trip to the post office. I suppose this is what unemployment does to one’s psyche. In complete fairness to me, I also unpacked the ceramics I had made and had shipped from Korea (half broken, an utterly draining experience), watched Project Runway, stopped at Ingles, and daydreamed about opening my own Etsy store. Maybe I should have set the manufacturing of inventory for such a venture as a goal when I originally came home from Korea. Instead, I decided to learn statistics and practice my French, and look where THAT got me. Not France, that’s for sure, and not a number factory, either.

In case you were wondering how I’ve spent six or seven hours of the past month, however, please note the gallery below, featuring letters to my students that I mailed today. All of these letters are in response to gifts or notes they gave me as goodbye gifts. What originally happened was that I got ONE letter and ONE gift, very early on, and I gave that girl a postcard I had made that I happened to have on hand. Maybe I’ve explained this already. Anyway, I ended up receiving approximately five million letters, which was great, don’t get me wrong, but – at least as far as the girls were concerned – they all had to receive responses that reflected equal effort, lest I be harangued with cries of “TEACHER YEON JI’S LETTER MORE BEAUTIFUL WHY?” The boys were okay with stationery. The boys also wrote me far fewer missives. At any rate, I finished a good deal of my responses before I left to come home, but there were still enough to do that it’s taken me until…today to finish them. (Note: the one with the “chai” symbol is obviously not intended for my students. That one is a bat mitzvah card I made as a favor to my parents.)


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