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Thursday, 10/9: in which Econ 110 has not proven helpful
October 9, 2008, 4:17 pm
Filed under: politics

Despite the fact that I am one of the few people I know who actually enjoyed my econ classes in college, I, like almost everyone else I know, have had a good deal of trouble understanding the current economic disaster. It is my secret belief that even most people who claim to understand it actually don’t, at least not in totality.

Recently, however, my ignorance has been remedied, at least partially, thanks to This American Life. (Of course.) Please allow me to recommend the following:

1. The Giant Pool of Money, an episode breaking down what happened to the mortgage industry in comprehensible but not stupid terms.

2. Another Frightening Show About The Economy, which addresses everything that’s happened since then.

3. Planet Money. This is not actually an episode of TAL; rather, it’s a podcast spinoff of TGPoM, featuring the same correspondents. Only half an hour each.

What I think is nice about these is their refreshing absence of partisan loyalty. Everyone involved seems genuinely curious about where things went awry on both sides, which makes all of these sources of information uniquely accessible. In my opinion, anyway.

Also, one more question re: the economy: why are we not seeing more play of this video

that, it would seem, places blame squarely on both sides? This is a legitimate question. I ask because I can only find mention of it on websites with a very obvious conservative orientation (including the fascinating Hip Hop Republican); I can’t find any news sources offering context, commentary, etc. Can someone give me an explanation here, or is this as dismaying as it appears?

PS. I haven’t forgotten that I promised a second announcement. I’m still sitting on it.


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