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Wednesday, 11/26: things for which I am a sucker
November 26, 2008, 1:44 pm
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It is the day before Thanksgiving and I am the second-sickest person in my house, a state of affairs that can plausibly be attributed to the fact that I spent the better part of last weekend chasing down a sick six-year-old, a sick three-year-old, and a sick baby. I would take some Sudafed but I generally find the side effects (for me) worse than the symptoms it addresses, which means that I am doomed to a cloudy head and a throat that feels like it’s filled with Karo syrup.

Anyway, topic at hand.


1. Is my audience familiar with Mick Collins, possibly the coolest (and oddest) man currently alive in America? Mick Collins is one of the few black punk pioneers of whom I am aware. He once released an album called I Sing The Booty Electric. He sounds sort of like James Earl Jones, he’s apparently an accomplished UNIX programmer, and he writes furry fiction in his spare time.

There’s a worthwhile interview with him (and his bandmate, who is significantly less cool) on The Sound of Young America. I think that link should work.

2. Weird musical genres, courtesy of This Recording.


1. Billy Breathes by Phish. I heard the last song off this album in 1999, when I was a freshman in high school. I loved what I heard, so naturally, being me, I never listened to the album again, with the exception of “Prince Caspian.” Of course I like it now. I wonder if there is some sort of cosmic principle preventing me from being timely/cool.

2. Elvis Costello’s Armed Forces. Truthfully, I’m setting off on the same path here, because there’s only one song I know off this album: “(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love, And Understanding,” and I only know that because of Lost in Translation, but I started listening to some of the other songs and I liked those too, so hopefully I am not condemned to repeat it (history).


1. Aliens in America. I have only seen one episode of this show, which I found because its theme song is, as you might guess, the aforementioned E. Costello masterpiece, but I’m in the process of watching more. As you might expect of a television program about the wacky misadventures of a Midwestern nerd’s family and their Muslim exchange student, it is mo corny. As a result, I am not terribly surprised that it got cancelled after one season. But it’s sort of adorable even though it’s not that good, because aww, people are learning tolerance and understanding! There are also a few moments of absurdity that shine through (e.g., “This is the worst thing that ever happened in our house, and we once had a clown die in our living room,” “I found myself telling the exchange student things I wouldn’t have even confessed to the guys in chorus”). It also features Amy Pietz, from one of my other favorite crappy television shows, Caroline in the City.


1. Side projects #1 and #2.


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