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Monday, 12/1: onward and upward
December 2, 2008, 1:35 am
Filed under: life progress

Being without a job has meant watching more television in the past six months than I have in probably four years. Maybe five. Which means, in turn, that I now have opinions about things I never have before: Dancing With The Stars (weirdly, I sort of liked Lance Bass, and I definitely liked Warren Sapp, but that is only because of my family’s long history with the Bucs), Jon and Kate + 8 (just watched the show where they go on GMA, and decided I am over them – I am not interested in how they are famous, and I’m a little weirded out), Top Chef (better than Project Runway, and the Hawaiian former busboy looks and talks like my uncle).

But this state of affairs is about to change, because I tentatively have a job. Although I’m still planning on making time for Top Chef.

More details as things get more definite. In the meantime, I’ve still got a few side projects going. Things are getting exciting, my 친구.

Also, I have a few important questions, totally unrelated to the above content.

Q: Rock Band or Guitar Hero?

Q: What is this song? It’s driving me crazy. I keep thinking it’s something by the Cure, but I’m not sure. This clip is from This American Life, so just listen to the music in the background. I tried to use Audacity to fade out the voice, bu even after I split the tracks it didn’t work, probably because I know nothing about audio engineering. Edit: I had to use Garageband to clip it to a decent size and it took me almost an hour, so please help me out.


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Rock Band. And are you sure it’s not an original composition for the show?

Comment by Brendan

Why Rock Band? And yes, because I heard it on a television show, too.

Comment by IGR

the cure – “close to me.”

also covered by the get up kids on their 2001 album.

what would you do without me?

Comment by annie

Rock Band’s creators just have generally better taste in music and a vast quantity of downloadable songs available. The newest Guitar Hero has the drums-and-microphone thing too, and apparently the drum kit itself is pretty nice, but the fact is that Guitar Hero controllers work with Rock Band, and Rock Band controllers don’t work with Guitar Hero (and it’s Guitar Hero’s fault).

Guitar Hero does have “Jesse’s Girl,” but Rock Band has “Everlong,” so that’s a toss-up.

Comment by Brendan

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