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Thursday, 1/1: never forget
January 1, 2009, 3:56 pm
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I’m professionalizing my Facebook profile, so I wanted to immortalize my description of Summerbridge here.

From “job description”:

1. wake up, go to work
2. work: teach middle schoolers (from lesson plans)
3. have meeting at work where we talk about work. and lesson plans
4. go home, talk about work some more, as well as middle schoolers and lesson plans
5. sleep
6. write more lesson plans
7. eat candy I had previously reserved for student incentives, rationalizing it by telling myself that they are unlikely to earn it
8. eat other food while thinking about other things I can do to my students, like eat freezee pops in front of them
9. write some more lesson plans
10. sleep
11. dream about Summerbridge; middle schoolers; freezee pops; lesson plans; or some combination of the above.

More later today.