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Thursday, 8 October: the gremlins
October 9, 2009, 12:01 am
Filed under: actual transcripts, 공부방 (after-school program)

One of the most distinctive characteristics of the kids that I work with is their voices. I’m not sure why I’ve never noticed it in my other jobs; I think it’s because this is my first time being seriously immersed in early childhood ed, and a weird voice stands out more when it comes from someone under three feet tall. De’von looks like a light-skinned, vaguely bumpy-headed Buddha and sounds like a character from “King of the Hill.” Zachariah has massive, beautiful bug eyes and a voice somewhere between Marilyn Monroe and those aliens on Toy Story. Marshe is tiny, with a small Afro, and sounds like Chucky. This is a typical Marshe conversation:

MARSHE I can have some of the soda?

IGR No, Marshe. This belongs to me.

MARSHE (no change in tone or facial expression) I hate you.

IGR What did you just say?


We’re also growing a garden at our school – well, one of the student teachers is, I can’t take any credit – and tomorrow at Community Meeting we’re going to be raffling off a watermelon the size of a bocce ball. The kids – especially the little ones – could not be more excited. I would compare them to Jonas Brothers tickets, but without being around tweens all the time, I don’t even know if that reference is timely anymore. At least for now, I’ll take the trade-off.


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