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Monday, 12 October: Columbus Day
October 12, 2009, 11:39 pm
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This weekend IGRB and I were supposed to go apple picking, a long-awaited day trip that was supposed to provide us with idyllic opportunities to climb trees and generally frolic in the fall weather. Somehow, however, we managed to pick the one orchard that the entire city of Baltimore had decided to visit. Also the apple trees were in disconcertingly neat rows, the tops trimmed off, the pesticides streaked on each apple. It felt like such a castrated version of our imagination. Also, it was not very cold. Such a small thing, but I almost cried with frustration.

It turned out that the real experience was in the beet and spinach fields, because – and I know you will be surprised about this, o my readers – no one cares very much about spinach or beets, so it was us and a few old ajumaa in visors. Picking beets is terrific fun, actually, and yes, I realize that such a statement makes me one of the more exciting people in existence today. But it was neat to look for the biggest ones poking out of the muddy ground. Here, unlike in Kentucky and Indiana, they’ve abandoned the descriptor “U-Pick” for the slightly classier acronym “PYO” (“pick your own”). Sometimes I think that if I were actually a farm laborer and I saw people paying money to pick crops, I would go blind with rage, but unfortunately, that doesn’t change the fact that I enjoyed myself.

Tomorrow I have to come up with behavior plans for an angry fourth grader and a four-year-old who could best be described as a loose cannon. I have to admit, the problem solving aspects of my job are probably the most enjoyable.


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