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Sunday, 11/8: what’s so great about Charlie?
November 9, 2009, 8:32 pm
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Despite having gotten Not Much Sleep the night before, I was kept fully alert this morning at the airport by the terror alert level (orange) and the news that one Republican had crossed over to vote yes on the health care debate. I was a bit surprised, until I heard that it was my beloved Anh Cao. Say what you like about the abortion compromise (which is a topic for another post another time, or perhaps it isn’t); I was mostly happy to see him not acting like a partisan asshole. He’s not going to make many friends by doing this, which I think is pretty admirable. Also: do they even let people fly on red? And, given my own lack of knowledge on this subject, do people even pay attention to this sort of thing anymore?

I’m here in Boston for a grad school interview, and I took the time to see Auntie Phu, who is a family friend, and Ba Muoi, who is my ninety-five-year-old great-great-aunt. Aunt Phu promptly whisked me off to a birthday party for her niece, which featured awesome Viet food and a durian-flavored birthday cake that tasted like a combination of fish, onions, and whipped cream. It reminded me of the episode of Friends where Rachel accidentally makes a trifle-shepherd’s pie hybrid. I wonder if people my age are the last group to use Friends as a reference point. There were just so many episodes that it’s easy to find what you’re looking for, I suppose.

I bought a copy of both The Atlantic and Details at the airport, as is somewhat customary, and saw that the metro system in Boston has better names for its stops (though there’s certainly no Tooting Broadway.) but otherwise appears to be dirtier and more expensive than the DC metro, which makes me question Rooms and K’s March assertions re: my fair city’s transport system. Care to explain?


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It’s been stuck on ‘orange’ for years. Like many other types of rationalization, once we’re on orange, it’s easy to keep finding new excuses (one of which has been “it’s almost thanksgiving and so many people fly that weekend that it might be a target”) to keep it that way.

I think it’s about ten times more likely that Napolitano scraps the system than that we ever see it drop below yellow (the level it was at when they installed it). Wikipedia claims it is currently yellow, but it was orange the last flight I took, too:

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