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Friday, 1/1: “in 2010”
January 1, 2010, 9:23 pm
Filed under: actual transcripts

Dispatches from the Twitterverse.

  • #in2010 Ima Stop Txting People Nd Im Only Gonna Email Or Fax..Or Might EVen Page U!
  • #in2010 I will play Heavy Rain, Gran Turismo 5, God of War 3, and Final Fantasy 13
  • …He got 10mins till I cut him off #in2010
  • I need to #getalife #in2010 because the one I had in 2009 kinda blew
  • #in2010 I’ll be more nice for sure XD
  • if you wear baggy pants or skinny jeans n you not a teen, #getalife . how about #growup n get sum fitted clothing#in2010#grownManStatus
  • #in2010 God will make my best wishes come true! Crossing my fingers!!
  • #in2010 @satanlovesyouu and I are going to free animals from brookfield zoo…
  • #in2010 I am going to be on your mind
  • #In2010 I will take a trapeze class.
  • #in2010 any negativity will receive a big “fuck you” from the door
  • #in2010 i know love will set me free
  • #in2010 im watching one show all the way thru – all episodes
  • #in2010 that geek boy Better let me copy the hw!
  • #in2010 I will do no more cussin!
  • #in2010 I’m going to get my 2nd tattoo. Hey it’s been 8 years
  • #in2010 Bret “Hitman” Hart makes his return to the WWE on January 4th. The first time he will have been seen in the WWE in over 12 years!!
  • #in2010 Ima try ta get ova my fear of dogs!
  • #in2010 I plan on being a slightly lesser bitch. But no promises.

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