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Tuesday, 3/30: lesbians who look like Justin Bieber
March 30, 2010, 10:24 pm
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Pleasingly, it appears that I can post via HootSuite to my personal blog, which puts HootSuite squarely on the list of things I will relentlessly promote because I love them (see: Zengobi Curio, Evernote). This means I can circumvent DCPS’ relentless filters and send my thoughts out into the world. As a result, my personal blog, sorely neglected due to my work with Lancelot Sturgeon, ReadySetDC, and other sites of that nature, will be seeing some updates ril soon. I hope.

Right now, however, all I want to share with you is that 1: I am now an official resident of the District of Columbia, and let me tell you, the DMV* makes that a challenging prospect; 2: I have Big Plans that I will refrain from announcing in public until they are confirmed; 3: I had dinner with IGRB tonight and it was Surprisingly Not Terrible, Although Not, Like, Ideal; and 4: one of my friends mentioned that Justin Bieber would be much more attractive if he were a lesbian woman.

After she told me this and after I saw an article on Slate about him,** I came to the conclusion that yeah, he sort of looks like KD Lang. I would post a photo comparison, but I’m posting this from HootSuite as a further test, so just google them. But then I learned that someone else beat me to this shit a long time ago. See: Oh man.***

*Department of Motor Vehicles, not DC/MD/VA. Lines ALL DAY LONG.

**I am SO OLD.

***Kool-Aid man voice


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