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Wednesday, 3/31: android identity issues
March 31, 2010, 11:43 pm
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Listening to my very favorite podcast in the whole wide world, Jordan, Jesse, Go!, I heard a discussion re: the tendency of praise to children to sound condescending. E.g.:

To a child who has not hit someone:

MS. IGR I’m proud of you for not hitting and yelling. You’re doing a good job coping with conflict.

To a child who has brought me a stack of construction paper:

MS. IGR Thank you so much. You are an excellent helper.

Now, I understand why this comes across as condescending, but from me – and I recognize that this perhaps applies to me alone – it is not. I think this is because, quite frankly, I am sometimes very easily impressed. Also, now that I’ve spent serious amounts of time with smaller children, I generally mean my praise. I TOTALLY know how difficult it can be to not scream when you really want to. I frequently drop things, especially in larger loads, and a kid who can get it down the hall without incident when I sometimes cannot deserves all the compliments he or she gets, in my book.

Also, side note: PLEASE go subscribe to Jordan, Jesse Go! and its sister podcast, The Sound of Young America. TSoYA is the best interview podcast currently on the air. JJGo is perhaps more polarizing, but in my opinion, it’s what a morning show could be if a morning show was funny and somewhat self-aware. (You know, sentient.) It follows roughly that same format, anyway, with two guys just sort of talking to each other and taking calls and occasionally having guests, but those two guys are incredibly smart and funny, basically.

I’m driving home tomorrow and trying desperately to acquire the Avett Brothers’ “I And Love And You” album before I go. As previously mentioned, I am banking on this album based almost entirely on the fact that right now, I am convinced that the song of the same name is the best song in the whole world. This happens periodically and has nothing to do with the merit of the song itself sometimes, but I can’t help but feel that this, THIS is the song that I should have listened to driving up the back roads in Kentucky – even though, at that time, I had other songs that I thought were the best songs in the world and that perfectly captured those lonesome turns, so my feelings don’t quite hold up. But seriously, this song is the perfect mashup of two songs I used to listen to a lot on the way to school: “Okkervil River Song,” which is an amazing song by the band Okkervil River (well), and Matt Nathanson’s “Angel,” which is maybe a song that does not hold up as well in retrospect. It looks like I am actually going to have to buy this album. Are you kidding me.

Comment on re: my new favorite song: “This song is about becoming a worthless hipster.”

Also, I went to a friend’s birthday tonight and we got into an interesting discussion: do androids want to be human, or could there possibly be such a thing as android pride? We also got into a long talk re: public vs. private schools, but I need to go to bed and that would take too long to summarize.


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I have I an Love and You if you want it, though I realize this is too late for your long drive.

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